HTML Again

Dividing Documents Into Sections




Input: <input>

Textarea: <textarea>

Fieldset: <fieldset> and Legend: <legend>

Important Miscellany


You’d be surprised at how often someone will be reading an old piece of code and exclaim out of disgust, “Who wrote this, and what were they smoking?” Even more surprising is how often the complaint is uttered by the very same person who wrote the code. Sometimes it’s helpful to leave an explanation or reminder in your document that’s intended for people (including yourself) who might read the source HTML later, but aren’t intended for end-your end users and don’t affect how the browser interprets your markup. Comments are the way to accomplish this:

<!-- Comments are helpful for explaining why a document author
  wrote something the way he did -->

Every programming language in the world gives developers the ability to write comments which are solely for others who’ll look at the source code.


Further Resources

Mozilla, who make the the Firefox web browser, have published an excellent reference of web development technologies. Much of the information for this chapter comes from their HTML reference, which can be found at

Comprehensive list of HTML elements:
HTML Validator:

HTML Tidy:

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